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About Us

     Scientific Bio-Minds is established in 2008 in Chennai and presently located in Bangalore. Our organizations is an internationally reputed contract and collaborated research and training organization, which supports Academic research, R&D programs from lead generation to bioinformatics support. Our multi-disciplinary skills in integrated bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, drug design, gene expression, and computational biology techniques.

     With clear scientific focus on genome analysis, proteome analysis, gene expression analysis, next generation sequencing data analysis, nano informatics, image analysis. Scientific Bio-Minds has rapidly emerged as leading collaborations for research laboratories, Institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. In each of these research areas, scientific biominds has developed a deep level of expertise in discovery informatics, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, biology, mathematicians, nanophysics, bio photonics and software engineers.Combined with strong research, training, and technology transfer, laboratory information management services and is emerged as fully integrated company with end-to-end solutions.

     Scientific biominds collaborates with the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech companies, academic Institutions and research foundations. The main laboratory in Bangalore, India was inaugurated in 2008 as the first facility dedicated to basic molecular biology research, technology development, service provision and advanced training. Scientific Bio-Minds is having five research units (Cell Biology and Biophysics, Chemo informatics, Nano informatics, Genome Biology, Structural and Computational Biology), service facilities and administration.

Our highly experienced scientific and project management teams ensure:

High technology transfer and excellent quality of research/ analysis
Largest pool of scientific research talent in India
Diverse discovery technologies
Creative partnering / collaboration models
Experienced portfolio management capabilities

     Scientific Bio-Minds has state-of-the-art research and training facilities. Over the last 6 years, we have successfully offered these services to more than 4000 students of different universities and colleges, 50 Research Scholars and more than 20 biological science start-up companies, large pharma/ biotech, Agricultural, chemical, nutritional and animal research, healthcare and hospitality companies in the India.

     Scientific Bio-Minds has a strong corporate governance framework with a focus on client satisfaction, quality, safety, ethics and integrity. Our ability to deliver significant value to our customers by leveraging our scientific skills, global mind set and India’s cost competiveness differentiates us as one of the most preferred partners.