Hands on Training & Workshop on

Computational Drug Discovery

Jointly organized by REVA University, Bengaluru and Scientific Bio-Minds

Department of Biotechnology, School of Applied Sciences, REVA University in association with Scientific Bio-Minds, is conducting hands on workshop on computational drug discovery and Development. The training program helps students and researchers who working in drug discovery need tools and techniques for handling chemical information. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to try out a range of software packages for themselves with expert tuition in different aspects of pre-clinical drug discovery. Attendees will be able to choose from sessions covering data processing and visualisation; ligand and structure-based design, or ADMET prediction run by the software providers. All software and training materials required for the workshop will be provided for attendees to install and run on their own laptops and use for a limited period afterwards.

Documents Required

Identity Proof(Passport / Driving License / Election Card / Aadhar Card / PAN Card)
Purpose of joining
Letter of Recommendation (Industry/ Academic institute)

Important Dates

Workshop Duration: 2 Days

Batche I: 27-28 April, 2020

Batche II: 29-30 April, 2020

Course Outline

  • Disease selection and Identification of disease characteristics
  • How to identify the target using Insilco methods
  • Protein Bioinformatics
  • Homology Modeling and structure prediction
  • Drug selection from different databases and validation
  • Structure-Activity and Structure-Property Prediction
  • de novo design workflows for virtual screening application
  • Analysis of Large Chemistry Spaces
  • Integration of Chemical Information with other Resources
  • Dealing with Biological Complexity
  • Molecular docking using various software’s
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